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Roxie Delux Pet Groomers - Qualified Professionals and have many years experience in working with pets and except of regular grooming can offer you fashion style for your diva pet

We care of welfare of your pet and she/he never will be forcing for any procedure, we do not use tranquillizers and drying cages. Dogs not waiting grooming session in cages, we have big play area, where they playing under our supervision

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Roxie Delux Dog Grooming Salon

Roxie Delux Pet Grooming Salon

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From shampoos, hair cuts and flea treatments to exotic styling, pedicures, skin care and shed management treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking great as well as feeling great! Dog Groomers at Roxie Delux will make your pooch looks like a real Star. 

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Roxie Delux Grooming Salon is one of a very few grooming salons in Birmingham for Cat Grooming, Cat Dematting and Clipping. Cat groomers at Roxie Delux have many years experience in Cat grooming Services. (we do not using tranquilizers)

About Services

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 Benefits of Having a Regular Pet Grooming 

Jordan Walker has several years of experience and knowledge about pets and is extremely dedicated to promoting pet care knowledge and welfare. He currently represents and writes for the Coops and Cages blog. In this article, he expounds on the benefits of regular professional grooming for your dogs.      

 A well-groomed dog is a happy, healthy dog. Regular professional grooming for your beloved canine companions can do wonders for their health and well-being. Our furry friends don’t just need the basics—food, water, love, and attention. Like their human companions, they also need proper grooming and hygiene. This can be daunting for some who think grooming is fussy or only for longhaired, equally fussy pets. If you’re new to this process and would like to know how it can benefit your dog, here are the benefits of a regular pet grooming.  

Gives them healthier coat and skin 

If hair is our crowning glory, the same goes for our furry friends too. Professional groomers give dogs a bath with dog-formulated shampoos. Dog-specific shampoos are especially formulated to keep your pet’s skin clean, healthy, and nourished. A deep moisturising conditioner is included to help protect your dog’s coat from damage and keep it looking shiny and healthy. After the bath, your dog is scrubbed, blow dried, and brushed. This process effectively removes dead hair and skin, as well as dirt and other debris stuck to their coat and skin. This is also important to allow air to circulate throughout their coat and skin. Brushing of your dog’s hair in particular, stimulates blood flow and helps distribute the natural oils of their skin throughout their coat, which results in a healthier coat and cleaner skin. This is not just applicable for long-haired dogs. Dogs of every breed and hair length need a good, thorough bath and brushing every now and then.  

 Makes them clean and fresh-smelling 

If you’ve been a long-time dog owner, you’re probably already familiar with that “doggy” smell. It takes owning a dog to know what it smells like. The doggy smell can be so strong it can permeate not just your dog’s designated corner, but it can even spread throughout the whole house. Some long-time dog owners have become so used to the smell to the point that it doesn’t bother them anymore. But it shouldn’t be that way because it’s unhygienic. Your dog shouldn’t be left smelling so bad. If your dog starts to smell, it’s one of the signs that they’re up for a much needed bath and grooming. If you need regular proper hygiene to maintain good health and cleanliness, your pets need it too. Oh, and if you have a clean and fresh-smelling pet, you’ll finally rid your house of that doggy smell. 

Reduces hair shedding 

Canine hairs all over the floors, carpets, couch, blankets, towels, your black suede pants…almost every nook and cranny in your house. Hair shedding is definitely one of those things you’ll put up with when you own a dog. During grooming, your dog loses a lot of dead hair. You can even avail of special hair deshedding treatments for your dog. These treatments effectively reduce shedding for a period of time, even for dogs with excessive shedding problems. It doesn’t take a genius to put the two together. If you schedule your dog for grooming at least once a month, it’ll help reduce hair shedding, which means less cleaning up balls of dog hair at home for you.   

Serves as preventive health care 

Grooming may also help determine abnormalities in your pet’s body. During the grooming process, the professional groomer will inspect your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, paws, and other parts of their body you don’t usually pay attention to when you give them a bath or when you spend time with them. If during inspection, the groomer finds out that your pet has abnormalities such as bald spots, bruises, growths, lumps, or sores, you’ll be made aware of it sooner rather than later. If there is such a finding, you should have a veterinarian check out your pet’s abnormalities to rule out cancer, infections, or any other potentially health-threatening conditions. These abnormalities, if left unexamined, may lead to bigger health complications for your beloved companion. The earlier the causes are determined, the sooner an appropriate treatment or solution can be administered for your pet.       

Makes your pet look and feel good 

If dogs could talk, they might tell you how they feel after a bout of grooming. Regular pet grooming doesn’t just make your dog look trés chic and fabulous on the outside. It also makes them feel good. Haven’t you noticed how your dog seems happier, or is more active, energetic, and excited after a good scrubbing down? Chances are, they feel really good when they know they’re all clean and fresh-smelling, they want to show off themselves too.   

Serves as basic pet maintenance 

Just like humans need their ears cleaned, their nails trimmed, and their hair cut, dogs need those as well. Even if your pet is of the shaggy type, regular grooming helps keep your pet’s hair look tidy and well-maintained. If your pet’s hair is already covering their eyes, it gets in the way of their sight. And when they can’t see well, this in turn affects their behaviour. They might get more aggressive, jumpy, or bark a lot because they can’t see what’s in front of them, or they might be more prone to just lazing around since looking at their surroundings takes a huge effort. If your dog’s nails have grown long, they’ll drag on the ground and it’ll affect the way that they move around, more likely slowing them down. Dirt and debris can also get stuck in between their nails. Dog ears can be sensitive and easily prone to bacterial infection. Cleaning your dog’s ears yourself might only hurt your dog, so it’s recommended to leave it to a professional who knows the best and less painful way to go about it. 

For most of us dog owners and dog lovers, our dogs are our most beloved companions and special family members. We provide them with lots of cuddles and their basic everyday needs, and they give us back their undivided love and attention. To keep our furry friends happy, healthy, clean, and feeling good, it’s important to invest in having regular pet grooming for them. Always keep in mind that our pets also have feelings, and that it’s as important to be sensitive to their needs and comfort. 

Author: Jordan Walker. Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops And Cages as well as a couple of other pet related blogs. His passion for animals is only matched by his love for 'attempting' to play the guitar. If you would like to catch him, you can via Google+ or Twitter: @CoopsAndCages
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